West Burlington

City Administrator

Gregg Mandsager

Contact info: mandsagerg@WestBurlington.org

Phone:           (319)752-5451

    • The City Administrator is the chief administrative officer of the City.

Specific duties include:

    • Ensure that the laws, ordinances, resolutions, directives, and policies of the City Council and Mayor are enforced and executed.
    • Advise the Mayor and Council on matters of efficient government and the general welfare of the City.
    • General responsibility for the supervision of all City services, including police, fire, water, sewer, and streets.
    • Keep the Mayor and Council fully advised of the financial conditions of the City. Assist the Mayor and Council in preparing the annual budget.
    • Responsible for overseeing contracts for work and services done for the City. Direct the purchase of all supplies and services for all departments of the City that have been budgeted and approved by the Council.
    • Hire City employees, with recommendations from Department Heads and with final Council approval.
    • Discipline or dismiss employees, with Council approval.
    • Supervise the management of all buildings and City-owned property.

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Clear Sky
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